chapter  5
The Transformation of Piagetian Theory by American Psychology: The Early Competence Issue
ByAnne L. Dean, James Youniss
Pages 18

These examples both help to recall Piaget's original interests and to show the differences between his interests and those imposed by contemporary researchers. It is now apparent that in shifting focus from the original issues, researchers effectively created new phenomena that differed from those that Piaget had engendered. The field is at least two generations deep into this process of transformation and it appears that the original issues either have been rendered irrelevant or have been forgotten. In this chapter, we attempt to recapture the original framework in which Piaget was operating in order to offer a new generation of researchers a view of issues that have disappeared through successive transformations of Piaget's original project (Chapman, 1988; Gold , 1987). We try to do this by going back to Piaget's writings to reset the phenomena within his starting framework. Further, we attempt to show the productiveness of the line of questioning that Piaget opened but others altered as they brought parts of his work into the American context.