chapter  13
When the Bell Rings, the Team Emerges
ByElizabeth A. Williams
Pages 5

Lieutenant Dave Jones looked at the scribbled notes from his meeting the night before and pondered how he was going to address the issues his officers had brought up when he met with other leaders later that morning. Lieutenant Jones was the district commander of the State Police post in Riverside, a role that he had assumed three years before. He felt fortunate; he had a great team of troopers, and the agencies within the larger emergency response system in which his squad operated generally got along. His district covered multiple communities, and he had great relationships with the leadership from other law enforcement, fire, and disaster response units. In fact, he had risen through the ranks with most of the other leaders and had been working with them throughout his 20-year career. To foster continued collaboration and cooperation, each month the leaders of the various emergency response agencies in the community got together for a ‘chiefs’ meeting.’