chapter  43
Organizational Culture or Organizational Cult?
ByScott Dickmeyer, Nicole A. Ploeger-Lyons
Pages 6

David Burnham’s evening has been full of pleasant surprises. Sipping a nightcap in his posh suite, David is trying to make sense of it all. He is the founder and CEO of Big Sky Software. This evening David was awarded Business Leader of the Year at the “Difference Makers” celebration. David was called one of the most inspirational business leaders in the nation. A fellow executive of a major technology firm described David’s leadership philosophy: “David knows the impact of putting people first; this is ultimately the best practice in today’s business environments where our product is our people.” To top it all off, tomorrow David will experience Big Sky’s IPO (Initial Public Offering), and when its stocks begin being sold to investors, David Burnham will be an extremely wealthy man.