chapter  19
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Now That We Know What . . . How?

ByLisa M. Finkelstein

The editors of this volume set out with the goal to truly be guided by the meaning and spirit of frontiers in the execution of this book. We gave our contributors a specific mission: focus on what can and should be done in research and practice to constructively address the implications of aging workforces for societal policymakers, organizations, and the individuals who work and live in them. In other words, we asked that they cast their eyes not backward (by way of comprehensive review), but rather forward to a research agenda built to meet the needs of our changing world of work. Each contributor took on this challenge with enthusiasm and careful thought, and after seeing the final product, I am so pleased to say, “mission accomplished.” Although I am feeling re-energized and intrigued by the research agendas herein, I must admit that a bit of apprehension remains, as there are still a host of practical issues to sort out as we face the challenges of a multi-age workforce. To put it succinctly: now that we know what we should do . . . exactly how can we pull this off?