chapter  4
24 Pages

Dichotic Listening and Processing Phonetic Features

WithDavid B. Pisoni

This chapter considers the distinction between auditory and phonetic stages of processing, since this underlies much of the work to be described and reviews the feature-sharing advantage and lag effect in dichotic listening experiments. It presents the results of several dichotic recognition masking experiments that have examined the types of interactions in more detail. The chapter proposes a rough model of some of the stages involved in phonetic processing and shows how the model can account for the types of feature interactions observed between dichotic speech inputs. It explains the relation between the right ear advantage and the lag effect in dichotic listening. The feature-sharing advantage refers to a gain in identification for dichotic pairs of consonant vowel syllables that share phonetic features. The feature sharing advantage and the lag effect provide evidence for distinct auditory and phonetic feature interactions in dichotic listening. The chapter examines the right ear advantage for speech stimuli and its relation to the lag effect.