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Day 14: Using the subjunctive

I Common verbs requiring the subjunctive Out of all the verbs that require the subjunctive, credere, pensare, sperare and temere are the ones used most frequently. Provided it has a different subject, the following verb will always need to be in the subjunctive. Here are some examples:

Credo che la libertà di espressione sia un diritto fondamentale. [I believe that freedom of expression is a fundamental right.] Pensate che gli adolescenti guardino troppo la televisione? [Do you think that teenagers watch too much television?] Spero che la festa vi sia piaciuta. [I hope you liked the party.] Temo che sia troppo tardi per iscriversi. [I am afraid it’s too late to enrol.]

Additionally, the following frequently used verbal expressions will also require a subjunctive. Learn them and try to include them in your active vocabulary.