chapter  5
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An Introduction to Hadza Ecology

ByJames Woodburn

The Hadza are a small group of nomadic hunters and gatherers living in the vicinity of Lake Eyasi, a salt, rift-valley lake not far south of the equator in Tanzania. Unlike most other East African hunters and gatherers, the Eastern Hadza are relatively independent of their agricultural and pastoral neighbors. The Hadza consider that about three or four miles is the maximum distance over which water can reasonably be carried and camps are normally sited within a mile of a water source. The small numbers of the Eastern Hadza should not be taken as evidence that they are a broken down remnant of some much larger group. Hadza subsistence is described in an ethnographic film, The Hadza, produced in 1966. In addition to being the preferred food, meat is also intimately connected with rituals to which Hadza men attach great importance.