chapter  32
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Classically Conditioned Tongue-Licking and Operant Bar Pressing Recorded Simultaneously in the Rat

WithRichard C. DeBold

This chapter aims to determine the relationship between tongue-licking and bar pressing for thirsty rats rewarded by water. In order to secure bar presses that were not too close together and tongue licks that were uncomplicated by delivery of water, records were taken during nonreinforced responses to the negative stimulus of an imperfectly learned discrimination. There is a striking contrast between the great theoretical use of conditioned anticipatory goal responses and the small amount of empirical data on their occurrence during instrumental behavior. The general correlation between classically conditioned tongue licks and operant bar presses agrees with the results of the previously cited studies which have recorded both salivation and bar pressing. It is obvious that both bar pressing and licking tend to occur in irregular bursts, and that there is a high correlation between these two types of responses.