chapter  34
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Mental and Behavioral Changes Following Male Hormone Treatment of Adult Castration, Hypogonadism, and Psychic Impotence

WithGilbert Hubert, James B. Hamilton

This chapter reports additional data on mental and behavioral changes during treatment with testosterone propionate of 2 adult castrates, 2 cases of hypogonadism and 2 cases of apparently psychic impotence. Testosterone propionate was administered subcutaneously from 3 times weekly to once daily in doses of 20 mg dissolved in 1 cc of peanut oil. As controls, of which the patients were not informed, injections of oil without hormone were given for periods before and during treatment. Administration of testosterone propionate produced a marked increase in the erectile capacity and sensitivity of the penis, in the strength of the sex urge and in the capacity to respond with the proper emotions not only to intercourse but also to other acts such as kissing or embracing. Normal sex function and motivation were accompanied by great changes in the entire mental attitude of all patients.