chapter  46
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Strength of Electrical Stimulation of Lateral Hypothalamus, Food Deprivation, and Tolerance for Quinine in Food *

WithS. S. Tenen

The purpose of the first experiment in this chapter is to determine whether the stimulus-bound eating, elicited from satiated rats by electrical stimulation would show similar properties in that larger adulterations with quinine would be required to stop eating elicited by stronger electrical stimulation. The purpose of the second experiment is to see whether the effects of food deprivation and of hypothalamic stimulation on the quinine-tolerance test would “summate.” Histological examination showed that the tips of the electrodes were in the extreme medial portion of the lateral hypothalamus, lateral to the nucleus dorsomedialis hypothalami and dorsal to the fornix. The chapter also provides information on two experiments that show how water deprivation would summate with the effects of electrical stimulation on tolerance for quinine adulteration in food and in water. The larger amount of quinine required to stop eating with stronger currents seems to be parallel to the larger amount required to stop eating with longer periods of food deprivation.