chapter  50
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Sensory Feedback in Time-Response of Drinking Elicited by Carbachol in Preoptic Area of Rat

WithDavid Quartermain

This chapter discusses three experiments that investigated the role of sensory feedback in controlling drinking elicited in satiated rats by injecting a solution containing 24 × 10-10 moles of carbachol directly into the lateral preoptic area. The first experiment was designed to determine whether it was possible to extend carbachol-elicited drinking beyond the typical time course by making water available on a 1-minute variable-interval (VI) licking schedule. The second experiment was designed to validate the procedure of scheduled licking by comparing it with a different one for studying the same time-response function. The purpose of the third experiment was to determine whether cues from the mouth, as well as from the stomach, play a role in shutting off carbachol-induced drinking in the rat, as A. J. Miller, R. K. Sampliner, & P. Woodrow have shown that they do in deprivation-induced drinking and bar pressing for water.