chapter  54
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Modification of a Visceral Response, Salivation in Thirsty Dogs, by Instrumental Training with Water Reward

WithAlfredo Carmona

Thirsty dogs rewarded by water for bursts of spontaneous salivation showed progressive increases in salivation, while other dogs, rewarded for brief periods without salivation, showed progressive decreases. This chapter shows whether it is possible to change the rate of spontaneous salivation of mildly thirsty dogs by using water to reward some of them when they increase their rate and others when they decrease their rate. The results from experimental evidence clearly show that the autonomically innervated visceral response of salivation can be modified by an instrumental training procedure. Salivation on daily tests was positively correlated with number of breaths on daily tests for all 9 cases, indicating a definite relationship between rate of breathing and amount of salivation. In order to determine how much of the effects of training on salivation could be accounted for on the basis of any effects on breathing, partial correlations were calculated.