chapter  62
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Transfer of Instrumentally Learned Heart-Rate Changes from Curarized to Noncurarized State: Implications for a Mediational Hypothesis

WithLeo V. DiCara

This chapter provides information on experiment that determines if increases and decreases in heart rate instrumentally learned by rats paralyzed by curare will transfer to the free-moving noncurarized state. It aims to determine whether any training that did transfer could be augmented by additional training in the free-moving noncurarized state. Heart rate, respiration rate, and activity scores were computed from individual blank and test trials at the beginning of and at quarterly intervals throughout heart-rate training and transfer testing. The chapter also aims to show what differences in respiration or activity occurred during tests for transfer and for retraining. Respiration was measured by means of a thermistor implanted in the right nostril of 5. Recording heart rate in the free-moving rat required the construction of a special amplifier and filter system. After heart-rate training all circuits were disconnected and the rats were maintained on artificial respiration in the dark silent experimental chamber until recovery.