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Perjury: Stay In or Pull Out?

ByNeil Pickett

The ABA perjury standard requires and attorney who knows a client intends to commit perjury to withdraw from a case, if the client ignores the attorney's admonitions not to testify falsely. The thunder should start next month when the House of Delegates meets to consider proposed revisions in the association's Standards for Criminal Justice at the ABA mid-year conference. Several of the changes drafted by the Standing Committee for Association Standards for Criminal Justice will be controversial. But the fiercest debate will probably center on the perjury section, which it left essentially unchanged. Indeed, the perjury suggestion is the only one the powerful ABA committee strongly opposes. The standing committee has also almost totally rewritten the standards on provision of defense services, in order to give defenders and assigned counsel independence of action," according to Mr. W. Randolph Baker.