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The Brief for the Petitioner, Alger Hiss

ByJohn F. Groden, Harold Rosenwald, John M. Reed

The readmission of the petitioner "would have an adverse effect on the administration of justice, the public interest and the standing of the Bar". The board found that petitioner, in testifying before the board, showed an "upright and persuasive bearing, humility and reasonableness"; that he has conducted himself in a law-abiding manner since his release from prison, refraining from "any activity which might be considered the practice of law" and failing to engage in "criminal activity of any type"; and that he has obeyed this court's order of disbarment. Mr. Hiss prayed that he be examined for reinstatement as an attorney and if found qualified, reinstated as such. On December 17, 1974, notice was sent to all members of the Council of the Boston Bar Association and to all former presidents of the Association of a special meeting to be held on December 23 concerning the application of Alger Hiss.