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The Art of Legal Advocacy: Duties and Obligations

ByJohn J. Sirica

The strength of America lies in individual liberty under law. Other countries have produced great artists, scientists, musicians, and other individuals of outstanding achievement. But no other system has produced the individual freedom which exists in America. Due to the supremacy of the rule of law, the legal profession has, to a large extent, designed and constructed the political philosophy which has made our nation great. The time has come, therefore, to make a plea for the renaissance of the trial lawyer; to encourage young lawyers and law students to study and master the art of advocacy. It is a wonderful and interesting place to work. Moreover, by becoming proficient advocates, they will be fulfilling their obligation to the profession and to society, by perpetuating the rule of law in America. Specialization was demanded of a large part of the legal profession, especially those practicing in large cities.