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Intermarriage among Jews in Canada: A Demographic Perspective

ByGustave Goldmann

The fact that intermarriage occurs in North American Jewish communities is an accepted and well-documented fact. This chapter focuses on intermarriage within the Jewish community in Canada. Particular focus is placed on defining the study population since it varies somewhat from the classification used by a number of studies of the Jewish community in Canada. The likelihood of intermarriage is very highly correlated with the density of the Jewish population living in a given locality. A topic such as trends in intermarriage calls for multivariate models that would allow us to assess the impact of factors such as age at marriage, immigrant status, marriage sequence, human capital characteristics, and social capital characteristics. Such models would also make it possible to assess the impact of these independent variables over time. The chapter concludes with a summary of the findings, a discussion of the limitations of the analysis and some directions for future research.