chapter  16
Play among Baka Children in Cameroon
ByNobutaka Kamei
Pages 17

This chapter analyzes the play of children of the Baka hunter-gatherers in the tropical forests of Africa. Play activities are especially proper materials for this because they are activities initiated by children themselves, frequent events in daily life, and universal phenomena found in every society. Turnbull described such children's play as swings, climbing trees, bows and arrows, and net hunting, which he considered "the beginning of their schooling". Play areas are analyzed and categorized into three groups: forest, settlement, and schoolyard. While each kind of play has its own particular rules, some of the rules have common tendencies that can be called "spirits of play." Baka children often share things equally that they have caught during play In one episode of play cooking, for example, a eight-year-old boy shot a spider while hunting with a bow.