chapter  15
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Integrated Green Energy Approaches

ByPeter D. Lund

A change toward a sustainable future cannot take place without investing in technology and green energy solutions. It may place sustainable energy technology at the center of the Green Energy Triangle. A number of green energy options are available, ranging from energy-efficient technology to renewable energy production. As the main source of major challenges in energy and climate, cities or urban areas in general form an interesting case for analyzing the green energy economy. The strong local character of cogeneration utilizing local fuels and expertise, accompanied by its high fuel efficiency, also makes it a strong case for the green energy economy. Cogeneration or combined heat and power plants offer an effective way of pushing the conversion efficiency from fuel to final energy to as far as 90 percent. Cogeneration — a technology that produces both thermal and electrical energy—may play an increasingly important role when all the aspects of green energy are put together.