chapter  16
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Drivers for Change

ByJob Taminiau

The convergence of the drivers presents a potential framework of change that opens the door toward a green energy economy. Key drivers for change, which constitute a collective pushing force that provides pressure and elevates the urgency of the policy choice, can be identified in the five key categories of ecology, society, technology, policy, and economy. The green energy economy is still a relatively new concept with much work yet to be done in areas such as research and development, policy refinement, and market maturation. Modern society seeks to transform inherently natural functions, such as genetic reproduction and makeup as well as climate and weather stability, into dimensions available for human decision making. Fuel cell technology developments allows for a resiliency in the energy system when used as a storage device. The evolution of the green energy concept to date has already motivated industries and governments to shift their focus and has altered lifestyles in substantial ways.