chapter  6
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A Green Energy Manufacturing Stimulus Strategy

ByJon Rynn

Substantial employment and stimulative effects could ensue from a stimulus strategy for green manufacturing. Green manufacturing requires replacing the use of natural resources with machinery, and this need can lead to a large demand for manufactured products. The manufacturing is important is that the service industries, which together constitute two-thirds of the economy, are dependent on manufactured goods for their existence and technical progress. A green energy economy depends on the construction of machinery such as wind turbines, solar panels, and even geothermal and tide/wave equipment in the United State. Machines will create electricity by using, for all practical purposes, free fuel, that is, the wind, sun, and earth as energy sources. Producing energy from machines instead of fossil fuels will provide a market for more machinery, thus reinvigorating manufacturing in general. The green energy manufacturing can help resuscitate the wider manufacturing sector is that these final products, such as high-speed rail trains or wind turbines.