chapter  11
24 Pages

Real-Time Monitoring and Evaluation—Emerging News as Predictive Process Using Big Data-Based Approach

ByFrancesco Mazzeo Rinaldi, Giovanni Giuffrida, Tom Negrete

This chapter aims to stimulate interests in public policy evaluators to adopt Big Data technologies to better support policy makers. It explores the opportunity of using Big Data as predictive evaluation approach in emerging news context. Journalists have long understood the importance of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data for meaningful insights and relationships. Reporter Philip Meyer was practicing and preaching the importance of combining journalism, the research methods of social scientists and computer data work in the late 1960s. Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, allows one to analyze people's opinions, sentiments, emotions, toward entities such as products, people, issues, and events and their attributes. The combination of large amount of digital data logs produced in real time and the technology to collect and process those is definitely pushing social sciences, in general, and evaluators in particular, into a strong revision of their role and practice.