chapter  4
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Israel and Apartheid

ByMichael Curtis

A bitter truth is that the State of Israel since its establishment in May 1948 has been more subjected to constant criticism and condemnation than has any other country in the world, not simply for its specific policies and decisions but also for its legitimacy and very existence. That criticism in recent years has focused with intense light on alleged impurities, imperfections, and lack of moral righteousness detected in the character and behavior in the diverse Israeli society and politics. More specifically, critics concentrate on what they conceive as the racism, discrimination, colonialism, improper occupation of territory, inherent in an Israel which they summarize as an apartheid state. One flagrant example of the disproportionate criticism of Israel is the behavior of the United Nations General Assembly which has devoted six of its ten emergency special sessions to Israel; none has been devoted to genocide in Rwanda or in the Sudan.