chapter  11
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Administration without Hierarchy? Bureaucracy without Authority?

ByAaron Wildavsky

The Republican Party is an alliance between social conservatives and economic libertarians. Economic libertarians, who want a much smaller and less intrusive domestic government, view public servants as opponents. For these supporters of competitive individualism now have doctrines that tell them bureaucrats are expansionists. Thus the support for existing authority that conservative parties bring to government elsewhere is not found in America. Liberals would like government to do more to help classes of people they deem disadvantaged. These liberals do have a positive view of government as redressing existing inequalities. Belonging to the non-entitled, the bureaucracy finds itself under attack from numerous directions. Conservative Democrats and Republicans want to get the deficit down. Egalitarians reject authority as coercive and unfair. Group decisions, they believe, should be binding on members, but only if they participate fully and give their consent freely.