chapter  5
Expressive Th erapies for Bereavement: Th e State of the Arts
ByJordan S. Potash, Rainbow T. H. Ho
Pages 5

Th e spontaneous use of the arts in response to grief may be explained by the dialectic process whereby “mature creativity is capable of integrating the opposing forces within the person in order to bring him or her to a sense of wholeness and fulfi llment” (Levine, 1992, p. 77). Reviewing William Blake’s poetry in relation to Klein’s and Winnicott’s theories of creativity, Levine concludes that creativity is both a restorative and assertive act. Creativity cannot return someone to a previous moment in time, but through restoration and affi rmation, allows for the creation of a new reality that incorporates life experiences-losses and joys. Art making is capable of “providing a symbolic medium for the integration of the person’s experience with a recovery of a sense of aliveness” (p. 81).