chapter  10
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Alkerian reformulations of metaphor and IR

In his publications, Alker repeatedly referred to the influence of cognitive linguistics on his work and pointed to the reformist potential in such theories. Alker would commonly list (along with J.R. Searle, Roger Shank and Robert Abelson) the progenitors of the cognitive linguistic approach to conceptual metaphor theory, George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, as being among “the most important influence[s] on my thinking” (Alker 2001). Though Alker’s oeuvre lacks sustained treatment of cognitive linguistics, it is possible to inspect the traces Alker left in fragments scattered among his writings, interviews, and syllabi of how he viewed cognitive science in the context of his bridging mission. As he wrote, he thought of cognitive science “as a social science, potentially at least bridging between the natural sciences and the practical and philosophically reflective conduct of our everyday lives” (Alker 2000b: 1).