chapter  8
Muslim Businesswomen Doing Boundary Work: The Negotiation of Islam, Gender, and Ethnicity Within Entrepreneurial Contexts: Caroline Essers & Yvonne Benschop
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Religion is a largely underresearched theme in entrepreneurship, yet religion is not simply ‘left at home’ but infuses working life too. As a result of both globalization and migration, Islam features prominently in Western European organizations. In the Netherlands, where this study is situated, the largest group of Muslims is of Moroccan and Turkish origin. Participation of the women in this group in the labor market is strongly increasing; labor participation of Moroccan women doubled to 36%, and labor participation of Turkish women increased from 17% to 41% in the Netherlands between 1995 and 2009 (CBS, 2011).1 Some of these migrant women also started their own businesses.2