chapter  2
Some Refl ections Concerning the Ethos and Ethics of Entrepreneurship
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While using Heathrow airport as a stepping-stone on my way to the Philosophy of Management Conference in July 2010 in Oxford, I received the July 22 issue of the Financial Times. Its front page carried news about President Obama signing the bill to overhaul Wall Street, considered the most sweeping rules shake-up since the 1930s. After reading this, something else drew my attention: an article presenting the image of the Scout Association’s new entrepreneur badge, a medium blue square with light brown edging. The square showed the word ‘entrepreneur’ at the bottom and, above this, a rising bar chart and an upswing shaped arrow, with the international scout’s lilylike symbol at the top. The new badge was launched to mark an addition to the list of approved activities, that is, businesslike start-ups of new ventures, such as mobile barbeques to attract attention to the organization and raise of funds. Scouts can now be awarded the badge for organizing these kinds of activities.