chapter  3
Rhythmanalyzing the Emergence of the Republic of Tea: Karen Verduyn
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The book The Republic of Tea: The Story of the Creation of a Business, As Told Through the Personal Letters of Its Founders relates a sequence of events and actions over a duration of around 20 months. These events eventually result in the foundation of the Republic of Tea (TRoT), a company exclusively devoted to tea. The narrative begins when the ‘idea is born,’ in April 1990. The book mainly consists of faxes and letters that Mel Ziegler and Bill Rosenzweig (mostly) and Patricia Ziegler (to a lesser extent) sent to each other during this period. The fi rst fax is one sent by Bill Rosenzweig to Mel Ziegler dated April 7, 1990. The last one-also sent by Bill Rosenzweig to Mel Ziegler-is dated December 17, 1991. The company was eventually created on January 22, 1992.