chapter  8
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On sociological perspectives

ByHelen Jones

Helen Jones is a Principal Lecturer in Criminology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Helen’s research and teaching interests include the politics of gender violence, critical analysis of policy on rape and sexual violence, and educational pedagogy. Her book Rape Crisis: Responding to Sexual Violence (with Kate Cook) was published by Russell House in 2008. She has written chapters in a number of books and is a member of the editorial panel of the journal Enhanced Learning in the Social Sciences. Helen has been a consultant on a number of government committees, including the Sexual Offences Review, which culminated in the enactment of the Sex Offences Act 2003. She has published work in journals such as Social Policy and Society, Feminist Media Studies and Contemporary Issues in Law. She has contributed to the Encyclopaedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention published by Sage in 2010 and has presented papers at numerous academic conferences in the UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and Mongolia. Helen considers herself to be ‘so lucky to have worked with so many fine people, from research and writing partners, my students and colleagues, to my local rape crisis group and the women supported there. Yes, the work can be really tough but there is also much laughter and support. Whether we are writing articles or taking part in demonstrations, it all helps to move us forward and speak out.’