chapter  10
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Violence and prostitution: beyond the notion of a ‘continuum of sexual violence’

ByJo Phoenix

Jo Phoenix is Professor of Criminology at Durham University. She has been researching prostitution and the regulation of sex and sexuality since the mid 1990s. Her interest in the area started with involvement in the antipornography grass-roots feminist campaigning of the 1980s. Many of her concerns when campaigning were changed as a result of meeting, researching and working with women in the sex industry (and those organisations and agencies working for and on behalf of them). The main driver behind Jo’s research now is a deep concern about how to obtain a measure of social justice for marginalised, victimised groups of people (children, women, young people) whose lives have been shattered by their experiences of violence, poverty and so on and for whom government intervention is often experienced as a form of punishment and/or control.