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BySandra Walklate, Jennifer Brown

In this section of the book we have invited authors to focus their concerns on particular acts of sexual violence, what we know about the nature of those acts and the impacts that they have. We also invited authors, where appropriate, to consider the policy responses to the particular acts with which they are concerned and to reflect upon the efficacy of those responses. As is the case elsewhere in this book, the value of understanding acts of sexual violence as part of a continuum also features in the analyses presented here. The particular acts of sexual violence covered include: rape, domestic violence, murder, child abuse and Internet offending where it has a sexual dynamic. Thus what we have here is a review of the nature and extent of sexual violence that covers some traditional territory (rape) and some newer territory (sexual crime associated with the Internet). However, as we shall see, there are some common threads that bind our understanding of these acts together. What follows is a brief overview of each of the contributions and then some observations on the common threads between them.