chapter  12
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Silencing rape, silencing women

ByJan Jordan

Jan Jordan is an Associate Professor in Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; a feminist; and a passionate advocate for victims of rape and sexual assault. One of her research aims has been to assist women in telling their own stories, with her first book being a series of narratives from women working in the sex industry. She has been actively involved in researching sexual violence for nearly 20 years, with much of her focus being on women’s experiences of reporting rape to the police. More recently she has been exploring issues of victimisation and survival, particularly in the context of making sense of the experiences of an amazing group of women who were all attacked by the same serial rapist. As well as teaching criminology classes Jan is a regular contributor to police training courses on sexual assault investigations, and in both contexts aims to challenge conventional thinking and promote greater understanding of the complex dynamics involved in violence against women, and the reasons why we need to do all we can to prevent its occurrence.