chapter  13
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Co-ordinating responses to domestic violence

ByNicole Westmarland

Nicole is a senior lecturer in Criminology at Durham University. Most of her work has focused on male violence against women, including domestic violence, rape, forced marriage and prostitution. Between 2003 and 2009 she was chair of Rape Crisis (England and Wales) – the national network of Rape Crisis Centres. She continues to be a trustee of her local group: Tyneside Rape Crisis. It is important to her to continue involvement in the grass-roots women’s movement, which is central to the direction of her academic work. Nicole has completed two studies on domestic violence perpetrators and it is this area of work that she will be focusing on over the next three years. With Professor Liz Kelly, she will be managing an ESRC funded study investigating the effectiveness of domestic violence perpetrator programmes, in order to answer the question ‘What do perpetrator programmes add to co-ordinated community reponses to domestic violence?’