chapter  15
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Violence, sex and the child

ByStephanie Petrie

Stephanie Petrie is currently an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool after a long career as a social worker and manager of social services in statutory and third sector organisations in the north and Midlands. Much of this work was concerned with children and women who had experienced violence and abuse, usually from those known to them. Sometimes the way in which state organisations and professionals responded or failed to respond was also abusive. During her professional life Stephanie used a range of methods developed to create opportunities for children, young people and adults to have a meaningful and realistic say in what happened to them in professional and legal decision-making processes. As an academic she has transferred these methods to research with which she has been involved to help young participants to be better able to share the actuality of their world as they experience it. With others she has been involved in studies about teenage pregnancy and young parenting; girls’ educational achievement in a seaside town; children’s day care; lone parents and welfare reform and child abuse. A professional commitment to respect for persons and their competencies is grounded in formative personal experiences including being the daughter of an immigrant, a survivor of male violence in the home and harassment in the workplace, and a lone parent.