chapter  7
David P. Boder: Holocaust memory in Displaced Persons camps
ByRachel Deblinger
Pages 12

In 1946, Latvian-born psychologist David P. Boder traveled from Chicago, Illinois, to Displaced Persons camps in France, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany to record the memories and experiences of those who lived through what later became known as the Holocaust. Armed with a wire recorder and 200 spools of wire, Boder recorded 109 interviews in over seven languages with Displaced Persons including Jewish concentration camp survivors, Baltic workers, and Mennonites escaping from Soviet Russia. Eight of the interviews, six of Jewish victims and two of other witnesses, were translated, transcribed, and published in 1949 as I Did Not Interview the Dead.1

Boder continued to translate the interviews and, between 1950 and 1957, he privately distributed copies of 70 transcripts in a five-series collection entitled Topical Autobiographies of Displaced People Recorded Verbatim in Displaced Persons Camps.2