chapter  6
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The ‘Rotten Report’ and the Reproduction of Masculinity, Nation and Security in Turkey

WithAlp Biricik

Sometime ago, Dinçdağ applied and received the so-called medical report, often referred to as a ‘rotten report’ (çürük raporu) or ‘pink discharge paper’ (pembe tezkere) in public,1 that exempted him from the mandatory military service. The report is given to men who have mental or/and physical disabilities. During the annual license renewal process, the board reviewed Dinçdağ’s health records, including the ‘rotten report,’ and denied renewal of Dinçdağ’s referee working license. In their decision, the Board of Referees addressed Article 25 of the Turkish Football Federation’s regulation (Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu Merkez Hakem Kurulu 2009: 12). Someone cannot become a football referee if he is exempt from military service due to health reasons (Birch 2009; Çakır 2009). The debate that followed in Turkish newspapers and TV channels was intense. Soon, the discussion

turned to the question of whether it was actually possible to have a homosexual man direct football matches. However, throughout these discussions critical questions regarding the medical report per se were never raised.