chapter  10
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Experiences, Refl ections and Learning

Feminist Organizations, Security Discourse and SCR 1325
WithLaura McLeod

Resolution 1325 was passed by the Security Council on 31 October 2000, urging for a gender perspective within UN peacekeeping and post-confl ict processes. The resolution is designed to affect the organizational arrangement of the UN system (Rehn and Sirleaf 2002: 3), urging for increased representation of women in the prevention, management and resolution of confl ict, including UN peacekeeping and fi eld operations. Additionally, SCR 1325 encourages training about, and consideration of, gender impacts in relation to confl ict and post-confl ict management and forms part of a ‘new’ security environment within the UN expressing a concern for women, peace and security: a concern reaffi rmed with Security Council Resolutions 1820 (June 2008), 1888 (September 2009) and 1889 (October 2009).