chapter  2
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Gender Relations as Causal in Militarization and War

A Feminist Standpoint
WithCynthia Cockburn

In many countries and regions around the world, women are organizing in women-only groups and networks to oppose militarism and militarization, to prevent wars or bring wars to an end, to achieve justice and sustainable peace. From early in 2005 I carried out two years’ fulltime empirical research investigating the constitution and objectives, the analyses and strategies of such organizations.2 The research involved 80,000 miles of travel to twelve countries on four continents, and resulted in case studies of ten country-based groups, fourteen branches of Women in Black in fi ve countries, and three other transnational networks-the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Code Pink and the Women’s Network against Militarism. Yet this was only a slender sample of the movement of movements that is women’s engaged opposition to militarization and war in the contemporary world.