chapter  10
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Social and Personal Resources of Grandmother Caregivers After Grandchildren Are Grown

Over the past three decades, researchers have described the issues facing grandparent caregivers (Hayslip & Kaminski, 2005) and risks to their well-being, such as depression and poor health (Bachman & Chase-Lansdale, 2005; Grinstead, Leder, Jensen, & Bond, 2003; Minkler, Fuller-Thomson, Miller, & Driver, 2000). Increases in numbers of grandchildren being raised by grandparents were substantial over the past 30 years, from almost 1 million grandchildren raised by their grandparents without a parent at home in 1980 (Saluter, 1996) to 1.8 million in 2009 (Kreider, 2011). These are skipped generation families, in which parents may be involved but do not live in the same household, leaving basic care to the grandparent.