chapter  9
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The creation of a dependent culture: the imperial school curriculum in Uganda

ByP.G. Okoth

It is the aim of this chapter to argue that between 1894 (the year in which Uganda was colonized by the British) and 1939 (the year when the Second World War began), the foundations for the incorporation of Uganda into the world capitalist system had been established. This object was achieved through various policies adopted by the British. During this period, British colonialism deployed forms of cultural and ideological domination to destroy or paralyse the cultures of the Ugandan people. Western cultures and forms of ideology were introduced. In this exercise, Western education played a crucial role. Indeed, school curricula were designed to suit the needs of the colonizers rather than those of the colonized. In this way, Ugandans who passed through the colonial school system were 'brainwashed' to discard their own cultures and embrace Western cultures which were supposedly 'superior'.