chapter  9
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News Makers in the Era of Citizen Journalism: The View from India: Pradip Thomas


Citizen journalism refers to initiatives taken by ordinary people via their consumer technologies and internet mediations to produce, share and consume news, be it of a social, economic, cultural or political kind. What makes it unique is that such productions of news contest, bypass, provide alternatives to or even short-circuit the dominant fl ows of news and its established purveyors. As it is described on the Indian citizen journalism portal (n.d.), “Citizen Journalists usually see themselves as complementing and supplementing the regular media and, in some cases, holding mainstream media up for scrutiny. Unlike regular journalism with its publishing deadlines and the determination to deliver ‘complete’ stories, collaborative journalists using blogs can develop or examine a story one piece at a time, often updating a developing story each day. The participating citizens can also debate, question, and further develop their own fi ndings in an ongoing way”.