chapter  10
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Political economy textbooks and manuals and the roots of the Scandinavian model


This text deals with political economy textbooks and manuals used in institutions of higher education in which Scandinavian languages – Danish, Norwegian or Swedish – were dominant, including Swedish-speaking ones in Finland. It does not include those used outside of modern-day Scandinavia and Finland that once belonged to Sweden or Denmark, such as Greifswald or Kiel. I briefly summarise Scandinavian manuals/textbooks to give the reader a taste of the manner in which the authors expressed themselves. Of course the summaries are subjective, but I have tried to avoid interpreting them based on my own preferences. I have not been able to find much data on the number of copies sold, or on the number of students listening to lectures based on these texts. I have tried to find the most widely used and influential texts using other criteria, but cannot be certain that I have succeeded. The summaries below contain few detailed citations, which would in any case provide little help to readers who do not understand Scandinavian languages. But in Lönnroth (1990, 1991, 1995, 1998) I discuss more broadly, with citations, the views of the Swedish authors summarised here. For the reader who understands Swedish, more detailed citations are also available in Lönnroth (1985, 1993, 2003, 2007).2