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In view of the extensive and ill-defined scope of the subject, any book which purports to deal with educational psychology is likely to be arbitrary and idiosyncratic in its selection of topics. This one is no exception. However, the papers which I have chosen relate to one central theme which is being increasingly seen as the main concern of the study of educational psychology, namely, the nature and conditions of classroom learning. Under this rubric I have chosen to focus particularly upon the cognitive aspects of classroom learning. I am conscious that other aspects of classroom learning are of considerable importance, for example social interactions, personality factors, individual differences, but to include sections dealing adequately with all these and other closely related topics would have resulted in an extremely lengthy or a very unrepresentative selection. In any case, I felt that the focus I have chosen, limited though it may be, is more likely than any other to give a student a clear idea of current concerns in the field of classroom learning and teaching.