chapter  17
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Czech Republic Petr Macek, Lenka Lacinová, and Eva Polášková

By18 France Lyda Lannegrand-Willems, Colette Sabatier, and Camille Brisset 257 19 Germany Eva Dreher, Ulrike Sirsch, and Sabine Strobl 273 20 Italy Silvia Bonino and Elena Cattelino 291

Background Information The Czech Republic is located in the Central European region. The Czech language belongs to the family of Slavic languages, but the Czech culture and lifestyle are deeply rooted in Western European culture. The Czech Republic was founded in January 1993 as a result of the peaceful split of the former Czechoslovakia into two independent states (the Czech Republic and Slovakia). The Czech Republic joined the European Union (EU) in May 2004.