chapter  10
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The role of therapeutic communities in forensic settings: developments, research and adaptations

ByRichard Shuker, John Shine

In this chapter we will be outlining the work of democratic therapeutic communities in forensic settings. Descriptions of forensic therapeutic communities (TCs) such as HMP Grendon have been well publicised and widely cited during the past 20 years (for example, Genders and Player 1995; Cullen et al. 1997; Shine and Morris 2000). However, the past decade has seen important developments in the clinical practices of forensic TCs, linked to research, accreditation, audit and peer review systems. The enhanced legitimacy of forensic TCs linked to these developments has been influential in the opening of several new units, some with important adaptations to the classic TC model. Our purpose in this chapter is to outline the TC model as it is practised in forensic settings, to summarise recent changes and to present the challenges for the further development of this treatment approach.