chapter  10
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Universal Service: Prosaic Motives and Great Ideals

ByHarmeet Sawhney

Since the divestiture of AT&T, universal telecommunication service has been discussed from a number of angles. Some researchers have focused on the historical development of this concept (Dordick, 1990; Hills, 1989; Lavey, 1990; Mueller, 1993). Others have studied the impact that unavailability of universal service would have on society, focusing on the stratification of society between the "information rich" and the "information poor" (Bowie, 1990; Hudson & Parker, 1990; Pressier & Schieffer, 1988). Recently, the focus has shifted toward creating a new definition ofuniversal service (National Telecommunications and Information Administration [NTlA], 1991; Pacific Bell, 1988).