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The 1977 revision merely deleted a few words (e.g., "including teachers, subject matter, administration, methods, and students") from the original first sentence, replaced the word bulletin (part of the original title of CCC) with the phrase professional journal, and collapsed the details "reports of conferences and articles of interest to teachers of composition and communication" into one phrase, "other materials." The revised mission statement (which remains in the CCCC constitution today) did little to move the field along a rhetorical path. That the mission statement has yet to be reformulated is both a symptom of instability within the field and a cause of the strong constituents in the field who continue to equate the discipline exclusively with the teaching of general writing skills. It is a symptom insofar as the membership has yet to agree to a new mission statement to reflect concerns outside of the college composition classroom. It is a cause insofar as those who enter the field are defined in part by the professional organizations they join and participate in.