chapter  3
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Strategic Cooperative Communities: A Synthesis of Strategic, Issue Management, and Relationship-Building Approaches in Public Relations

The American business management community is in crisis and with it, all ancillary functions such as public relations and issue management, that have become strategic to the organization. The root of the crisis is a failure of the traditional rationalist and number-oriented management approach which has dominated American business for decades (Wilson, 1994a, 1 994b). Business management consultants Thomas J. Peters and Robert H . Waterman ( 1984) com­ mented on the prevailing model:

As American business has expanded into the international sphere, it has become clear that the United States does not have a comer on wealth creation in a capitalist economy. The process of wealth creation, or the approach to the man­ agement of business and organizations, varies as cultures vary. Further, it has become obvious that, even within our own culture, the short-term, profit-driven method of wealth creation, which was the tonic fostering unprecedented growth, is now the prescription for failure at home and abroad.