chapter  Chapter Six
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Research Studies as Texts: Sites for Exploring the Beliefs and Learning of Researchers and Teachers

WithPenelope L. Peterson

This chapter considers teachers’ assumptions and beliefs within studies of teaching. It examines researchers’ beliefs about knowledge or text, and discusses how these beliefs might influence not only the “findings” that they present, and also the way that the results of their research “are read” by others, including teachers. One way in which Annie Keith is different from most other teachers is that Annie now participates is the community of researchers and university professors. Another way that Annie differs from other cognitively-guided instruction teachers is that Annie feels comfortable in challenging a researcher’s thinking just as she might challenge her first graders and ask them to provide evidence for their thinking. The case of Keith presents a puzzle for researchers on teaching for Annie’s teaching has gone well beyond the original frameworks and knowledge she was given about addition and subtraction word problems and children’s strategies.